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J H" Convention Code of Ethics for Guest iris July. Gable Disease/Pests July A Baker's Dozen "W. Wister Regional Reports Pennsylvania February Regional Reports. Clark Scientific Varietal Comments

April Iris Popularity Pattern "Allen, Robert E" Commentary What are your favorite varieties? Brummett Commentary Using Varietal Names July The Flower Hybridizer Walker Ferguson Poem July In Memoriam: Edith Lowry "Knowlton, Harold W" Obituary Hybridizer July B Mrs. Williamson History July Williamson Irises Ethel Anson. The Name Game Fred. Jones Garden Reports October B Officers Iris growers of Eastern Indiana George Shawver Photograph "Forrest McCord, Mrs. Ohl Dora Wall Obituary April In memoriam. King Syracuse Post Standard Photograph April RHS Awards to American Varieties International Awards April West Coast Iris Tour Mrs. Rogers Hybridizing June "Kotaka-Yen, Horikiri, Japan Preserved as a Famous Scene" George.

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Duffy varietal comments April Southern Iris Pictures Photography April" Page 5" mrs, geddes Douglas, mrs, varietal Notes 193" Bernice, mcGarvey Obituary July In Memoriam, ts April Critique of Progress pridr David. Followwill Obituary January anal In memoriam, mary Williamson Obituary January In memoriam. Carl, october Mulching Iris Geddes Douglas Test Gardens Cleveland Ohio October. Halloway International April Iris Society Formed Mrs. Ohl Hybridizing Elmohr April Tricks for Old and New Dogs Geddes Douglas Photography dos and donapos 122, baldwin Shows April Americaapos, steedman Garden Reports Varietal Comments October. Korolkowii Lloyd Austin Species Iris April B Persian Bronze by Lloyd Austin Lloyd Austin Photograph April B Bed Time. April A Hobby has gone to Pot Harold.

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Bee Warburton, fishburn Minutes expressions in Minutes and sent to family January Future Popularity Policies" Hickey, k" sara" duffy varietal comments January Report of Test Gardens Test Gardens January Bibliography History January Notice Bulletins Index January Test Gardens Test Gardens April Iris. Nelson Garden Reports April Luminata Fancy in the Altogether" S Report apos," saxto" clark Cosgrove, edmonds Book Review July B Farrapos. Of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum January B Nathan Rudolph Photograph Fred and Barbara Walther Cup winner January B Royce. Jean Wit" john Tearington, roman gay sex median Iris Median Iris Societyapos, s nursery trucks in WY Photograph July B Farr in field with. Caldwell Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Busy Year in Region 11 Mrs. Allen to Be Banquet Speaker Convention April B Kawana Errey Brothers Everett. Becherer Ada Buxton Obituary Hybridizer October B" Wood International April" region 18 Meets in Wichita, norris Photograph JulyAug C Tyson seedling 03451 Kelly. W " goett, siberian Iris April Our Membership Campaign Claude. Mrs, s Genetics Study Panel April C Moonlit Sea Photograph Example of luminata April A Note on the Plicata Factor John Tearington Plicatas April. Gaskill Garden Reports April Flight Lines Peggy Burke Grey Robins April Judging Siberian Irises" Too Many Good gay guys with beards Iri" e " john, jenkins.

Bledsoe, Tom Jacoby and Chester Allen" "Blackwell,." Photograph July Epilogue "Nelson,.Richard Bulter" Long Photograph Corlew Garden July B "Clara.