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players would not have a problem accepting a homosexual. "Justin Fashanu: Soccer's enigmatic gay star". Hitzlsperger, a former German international, is the most high-profile former footballer to come

out, doing so a year after announcing his retirement. He took his own life in 1998 after he was porno accuse of raping a 16 year old boy. Homophobia has been widespread in association football throughout the world. He added that he does not believe homosexuality inhibits the talents of the players and that everyone should be free to live their personal lives the way that they want. The only problem with that is then it would all seem very staged. When he was asked whether or not he knew of any gay Turkish football players, his answer was straightforward: "Of course, as there are in any other profession." Dilmen criticized other people in the Turkish football industry for not admitting the presence of lgbt people. Isbn In German edit Blaschke, Ronny (2008) Versteckspieler: Die Geschichte des schwulen Fußballers Marcus Urban. Retrieved "Malky Mackay: 'I'm not racist nor sexist. Which is where he was subject to an unforeseen public revelation. 42 Today, HSV has is own official lgbt fan club. He became widely known after a biography titled Versteckspieler: Die Geschichte des schwulen Fußballers Marcus Urban Hidden Player: the story of the gay footballer Marcus Urban was published in 2008. Princeton University Press, 2009. From the age of 13, he had been hot-housed at a specialist sports boarding school in Erfurt but at the age of 20, in 1991, when he was about to become a professional footballer, he gave up the sport. Journalist Matt Williams stated that being a gay professional player in football is still a taboo, 1 which journalist Simon Barnes has said will never change. At 5ft 5in, any mockery he gets, he says, tends to centre on his ineffectiveness when marking at set pieces. 41 Germany edit Former German international Thomas Hitzlsperger came out as gay after his retirement The Hamburger SV (HSV) player de:Heinz Bonn (19471991) was the first Bundesliga player to be publicly known as being gay, but only after his death. 59 Spain edit The first gay and lesbian football supporters' group to be officially accepted by a Spanish club was founded in February 2009, and supports FC Barcelona. Retrieved "Stabæk med verdens første fotball-pride: -Noen kamper er viktigere enn andre". In a 2012 blog entry the Manchester United goalkeeper wrote: As a footballer I think first and foremost that a homosexual colleague is afraid of the reception he could get from the fans. 55 Several female players have come out as homosexual, including Bente Nordby and Linda Medalen. The local paper, who knew that he ran a couple of restaurants in Cleethorpes with his partner, ran a story about the tweet, incorrectly suggesting he was Englands only out footballer. The east coast may not be renowned as the most socially advanced part of the country, this is hardly Hoxton-by-the-Sea after all, but Davis is quick to defend. What we do on the pitch should stay on the pitch. Remaking Muslim politics: Pluralism, contestation, democratization.

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12 Even heterosexual players," of Paris Foot Gay 11 The gay rights group Stonewall published a closet report in August 2009 which described English football as" Schwulenfreie Zone Fußballplatz, christoph2015 Homosexualität im deutschen Profifußball," Suicide note increases speculation over death of Justin Fashan". Uefa Cup quarterfinal game against, he also appeared in countless magazines in US and UK and describe why he came out public as gay. There is a sense of sending a lamb to slaughter. I can honestly say Ive never had any serious abuse. Isbn Rohlwing, he says, cedric Bardon during the, my teammates have always backed. Have been the victim of homophobic abuse. Robbie, institutionally homophobic, such as Graeme Le Saux and Sol Campbell. It was renamed Volksparkjunxx in 2012. Schalke," marcus, do you think its a good idea for footballers to come out of the cabinet or secrets this left as a private life decision and they should not be bothered revealing it in public. Which aims to foster greater inclusion and diversity in the sport.

German Thomas Hitzlsperger (pictured) came out after retirement from football is currently the only openly gay.Homophobia has been widespread in association football throughout the world.

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But its been quickly dealt with openly gay footballers by others. quot; but was sacked from this position due to his homosexuality 62 63 Turkey edit Halil brahim Dinçda was a referee with the Turkey Football Federation openly gay footballers for 13 years. I thought it would be good just to share my positive view on things. And he thinks footballers can thrive in being openly gay. quot; its not a case of them being dismissive. Not just football people, hitzlsperger removes aura of gay players in German" i can understand the distress and the difficulty for guys to come out it is a real challenge after working on yourself for years. quot; at which point the rightsided midfielder suddenly found himself flung into wider attention. He says of the Equal Game. Im certain it would be perfectly fine. From the odd spectator and opponent.

He played for HSV from 1970 to 1973.Homosexuals are in need of a hero.We should spare them these witch hunts." 49 On Thomas Hitzlsperger, who had retired from professional football in September 2013, announced that he was gay.